HSC & Open University Admission 2013

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HSC & Open University admission 2013
All Government – Private college admissions in the range of 18 to start work in May HSC The classes will start on July 1.
now the past few years with the result of the admission will be based on the eleventh range. The secretariat of the 2013-14 Academic Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid range Hsc admissions policy is decided at the meeting. The leaders were also present at the meeting. Eleventh range from May 6 to June 18 for admission to the mobiles through SMS Tele apply. The traditional method of application is to be submitted in Education.  Application for admission price is just Rs 120.

HSC & Open University Admission 2013
The Minister said, the result will not change the result Re-monitoring  they can apply until 10 June. The list of nominated candidates for admission will be published on 16 June. Admission fees and the delays are allowed until 30 June. The Minister said, on July 15 without late fee to be admitted to the list and the registration fee must be submitted to the board. However, the delay in filling phisaha allowed until 11 July. Phisaha delay in the listing and registration fees allowed on board until the 22 July. Practical classes will start on 5 September. 12 September Branch / subjects of altering didisaha list will be sent to the board. Policy is canceled and there is no admission fee of the College in order to be with him, with the consent of the parents or guardian must apply to the college. 50 percent of the money will be refunded at the time of admission to the college authorities.

Open University admission 2013
The Open University in 2011-2013 under the Board of SSC passed in the eleventh year of admission to the range. Can be admitted to any of the branches of science uttirnara. The Business Education Humanities uttirnara the branch will be admitted. Business education can be admitted to the Department of Business Education and the Humanities. Seven divisional headquarters for college admissions in the case of the 90 percent of the seats will be open to the public.
The remaining 10 percent of the seats in the divisional headquarters in the area for 3 percent, 5 percent and 2 percent of the quota under the Ministry of Education and the Department’s officers – staff, teacher education institutions – and their respective staff members of the Board of Directors shall be reserved for children. City College of the City department other than the 90 per cent seats will be open to the public. The divisional headquarters outside the area for the rest of the 3 percent, 5 percent and 2 percent of the quota under the Ministry of Education and the Department’s officers – staff, teacher education institutions – and their respective staff members of the Board of Directors shall be reserved for children. click here for more information www.starbdnews.com

-5 To get the highest GPA on all 43 grade points in the GPA will be determined on the basis medhakrama. Admission to the science of determining the GPA praptadera medhakrama general math, math or biology to obtain a higher GPA will be brought to account. Business education in the humanities and the GPA for admission praptadera parayekrame English, mathematics and in grade points earned will be considered.

School and college admissions in the combined organization will benefit the অগ্রাধিকারভিত্তিতে. Tinasa for admission into higher education institutions that are allowed to be done in online learning. The pamcasa ‘more of the filling must be done online. Student can not take any more from the fees authorized by the policy has been taken against the company concerned will take the extra fee.

Getting discount noterdeme college

The result of all college students in the country, but in the last year of the eleventh test range noterdeme College student was admitted. Ebara about the college admission test of the authority of the Education Appeal has said, we can consider the matter.
If the application for the admission test and other educational institutions to do – the minister said in response to a question, “Do all the pratisthanato one. Noterdeme college education are a few of the poor Talented people . So the sooner they can be treated.

Admission  online  Noterdeme college

Ist SMS; your Tetetalk SIM

cad [space]
eiin of college[for notredame 108274][space]
group name[for notredame s=science, H=humanities,b business studies][space]
first 3 letters of boa=rd[dhaka=dha ,chittagong=chi.barisal=bar][space]
ssc roll no [space]
passing year[2013][space]
shift[for notredame only day shift=D][space]
version name[bangla version=B,english version=E]
quota[fq=notredame,Eq=collegetechar/gov,sq=special quota]
total sms Example-cad108274 s dha 524525 2013 D BFQ
2nd SMS
after successfully sending Ist Sms you will get pin number.
Cad [space]yes [space]pin[space]contact no[phone number]
Send to 16222
.Noterdeme college websiet www.notredame.ac.bd,   admission  online  Noterdeme college,admission Noterdeme college,

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